Q. What size and fitting do the Redback boots come in?

A  Redback Boots are manufactured to the UK sizing system. UK sizes read 1 size smaller than USA sizes. (i.e A size 10usa will read as a 9uk ) Please see our Sizing page for more information.

Q. How should I look after the leather?

A. Leather will eventually crack or split without proper conditioning. The hide has oils that need to be replenished during the life of the boot. We recommend treating your leather with Redback Leather Preservative, to maintain the leather's suppleness. Other Oils with manmade chemicals can saturate the leather and have the boot stretch out of shape.

Q. How is the sole on my Redback Boots attached? It has no stitching - Is it just glued on?

A. No. The advanced Dual Density Redback sole construction uses no stitching, screws or glue as over time these methods break down. Advanced technology used by Redback means that molten or liquid sole material (TPU) is formed directly onto the leather fibers under pressure. So the sole actually then becomes part of the upper.

Q. How abrasion, oil and acid and heat resistant is the sole?

A. The TPU outsole has excellent oil and acid resistance to almost all those encountered in normal working environments. It has 2 times the abrasion resistance of many rubber soles. The soles are heat resistant to approximately 392F.

Q. What is Polyurethane and what causes Hydrolysis?

A. Polyurethane is a plastic material, a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbamate links. Redback footwear is made up of Polyurethane in the midsoles thus creating the lightweight, long-lasting comfort you find in our products. While polyurethane is very flexible, light and durable it can be susceptible to hydrolysis if not used properly. Hydrolysis is a reaction, when undisturbed poly molecules sit for extended periods of time they become weaker and thus leading to problems such as sole disintegration. The best way to avoid hydrolysis is to use your boots, wearing them will keep the Polyurethane molecules “alive” and make them last. Storing our boots for a long time can create hydrolysis.

Q. Why do Redback boots have a different, thicker sole profile to most boots?

A. The Redback sole has been designed in consultation with leading podiatrists. The Anatomic wedge sole profile is designed to reduce arch flexion (sagging), subsequent foot fatigue and referred leg and backache. This profile encourages normal foot functioning including maintaining forefoot flexibility, fore-to-hind foot and heel stability.

Q. What type of leather is in my Redback Boots?

A. Other high end work boots have a 2.4mm-2.6mm thick Full Grain premium Cowhide upper. Our leathers are 2.5mm to 2.7mm thick, this is 20% stronger than normal work boots. The full chrome, oiled tannage means that all your boots are more resistant to hardening and cracking and hold their shape longer.

Q. Where are Redback Boots made?

A. Redbacks are 100% Australian made. We handle the boots from the Hide to the Box.

Q. Are there any synthetic materials in the upper?

A. Redback believes that boots must be breathable. Synthetic linings and leather linings, which are glued to the upper, stop the leather breathing. The extra thick and mellow single layer of leather keeps your feet at the most comfortable working climate.

Q. What is the Toecap Rating?

A. All Steel Toes are manufactured to meet and exceed ASTM F2413-11 standards